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Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
on the side of obama. if you look at the geographical pattern of the vote. 44% in the detroit metro area, president obama had it in 2008. there is not much going on there for mitt romney. there is a three-point increase on the minority voters, seven-point decline among white, noncollege voters, eligible voters. these are huge changes and they go exactly against what is in the interest of the romney team. the romney team in wisconsin. maybe if they thought they would be able to take advantage what they believed to be this conservative white working-class voters by electing nominating paul ryan. they are making some progress, according to the poll, but some progress among white college graduates, but it's not anywhere close to what needs to take place. florida is a state, let's face it, if the romney campaign loses florida, chances of winning the 2012 election are close to zero. if we look at the pattern of support among the white working class, 17 points in 2008. we are not seeing any noticeably eager margin since 2008 among white working class voters. that is also being translated i
Sep 17, 2012 8:30pm EDT
lot of them here in ohio. when some of these other folks said we should let detroit go bankrupt, when they said we should walk away from an industry that supports one in eight jobs in ohio, i said we are not going to go that way. i said american workers in and three years later the american auto industry has come roaring back with nearly 250,000 jobs. [applause] now you have got a choice. we can give more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas, or we can start rewarding corporations and companies for opening up new plans and planning new workers and bringing new jobs right here in ohio, right here in the united states of america, right here. [applause] now, i understand my opponent has been running around ohio claiming, don't -- , vote. but he has been running around claiming he is going to roll up his sleeves and take the fight to china. now, here is the thing. his experience has been owning companies that were call pioneers in the business of outsourcing jobs to countries like china. he made money, investing in companies that uprooted from here and went to china. p
Sep 7, 2012 8:00pm EDT
also see in "guys and dolls" which comes later, damon runnion supposedly models nathan detroit on him. and there's a movie which stars spencer tracy which seems to go against casting. but, yes, he is well known, and the interesting thing about when he dies. you would thick the headlines would say, arnold rothstein, shot, and it's like none of that. that is way, way, way down, if at all in the stories because he is so much more involved in everything else than that. ... >> before we go to the call, david pietrusza, how contested was the 1960 democratic primary? >> that is interesting because it is still so very different from the process today. when you say primary, it is interesting, because we should bey. when you say primary, it is interesting, because we should be talking primaries. but in 1960, we are talking primaries roughly plural, they're two of them. two of consequence, zero consequence for the republicans. but the democratic primaries involve, or the wisconsin primaries, hubert humphrey versus john f. kennedy in the west virginia primary, same two contenders, and it is almos
Sep 13, 2012 8:00pm EDT
employee and a guest of our speaker. david shepherdson, washington bureau chief of the detroit news. thank you all for joining us today. for as long as most folks can remember, the unions have given their time, labor and money to democrats only caseally breaking with tradition and endorsing a republican for president as they did with ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. this year they will keep with tradition and support president obama's re-election campaign. teamster president james p. hoffa, our speaker today, says the labor union with 1.4 million members supports president obama and has criticized republicans and mitt romney for favoring ceos over workers. after the rnc convention in tampa, he told the huffington post that romney wallets to annihilate -- wants to annihilate organized labor, but it's been a mixed bag during the obama administration. attempts to raise the minimum wage have failed even when democrats dominated the house and the senate. some union supporters say the democratic national committee took labor support for granted when they chose north carolina, a right-t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4